Hello readers,

A while back I was creating an application that had a requirement to let the user take a picture/snap of a GRN (goods receipt note) and present the user with a pre-filled form to confirm that OCR readings before submitting and saving to database. For this, I used a paid OCR service (email me if you want to know the name).

Steps involved:
1. Take picture
2. Convert image to text
3. Fill form with text (this one was tricky and we had an SOP to mark items that need to be captured with “##” by the user before taking the snap)
4. User to edit the fields if text presented has errors
5. Save details to database on submission

In this post I will talk about the details of Step2:
Below here is a code snippet that uses free OCR service from ocrwebservice.com to convert an image into text.

I hope this helps.
Feel free to ask any doubts or write to me at mannharleen@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!
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