Dear awesome readers,

I have to admit that rendering parts of the page in visualforce can be daunting, especially if you are new to this. It’s like you feel “I did it absolutely correctly and yet why isn’t that god damn component/tag rendering!!”. Don’t worry its perfectly normal – you are perfectly normal.

The truth is that AJAX and JavaScript can be a bit tricky even for the MVPs (pun intended).

So where do I start learning and how do I learn what is the correct way? Fear not! in these series of articals, I will take you through the wrongs and rights of using the following:
1. rendered=””
2. reRender=””
3. apex:actionSupport
4. apex:actionFunction
5. apex:actionStatus
6. apex:actionPoller
7. apex:actionRegion

Boy that looks a lot! Well, actually it is, but its also equally important.
Ok OK.. I hear it. Lets get to work.

In the next blog i.e part-1 of the series “Visualforce rendering woes” lets get working!!