Part0: Introduction

Yes, you read it right! “any salesforce object”. Read on my dear awesome readers…

Recently, I came across a requirement where users wanted a one stop solution to create account and related contacts on one page. Obviously, this requirement exists from the time the first user used the standard Salesforce GUI and realized that he has to click too many times for such an exercise. And obviously many solutions exist on the AppExchange and off the AppExchange.

I then thought that won’t it be great to have a generic solution to create parent and children records for any and every object on salesforce? Wont it be so powerful to give users and admins the opportunity to create records through GUI even though Salesforce doesn’t allow a tab to create one e.g. “Permission Set Assignment”.

So lets describe the requirement first:

Requirement for beta-1:
1. An application that displays a picklist to select the Parent object and another picklist to select the child object
2. Two tabs one for parent and another for child. The user must first create the parent in the first tab and then move to second tab to create children
3. Ability to create multiple children for the parent object record
4. Show success and error message to users wherever relevant
5. Child records should have parent lookup/master autopopulated

requirement for beta-2:
1. Application to take URL param input to pre-fill parent object type and/or child object type
2. Application to restrict usage of non param URL only to administrators

requirement for beta-3:
1. Application to be able to create multiple parent
2. Application to create grand child records

requirement for beta-4:
1. Application to take URL param input to pre-fill parent object type and parent record e.g. open for parent = account and ID=001xxxxxxx, user can then create children of account with parent as this particular record

In my next post, I will describe the function design.

Current status: beta-1 is being tested. I will share screenshots in every post and setup a trialOrg for your usage!

Here are some screenshots:

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Please give your input for this project, as to what is lacking and what enhancements you would like.

Thank you