The need to have a task or event reminder on SF1 (just like we get in SF classic) is paramount for your sales team who are on the run and who don’t want to miss a chance of getting closer to closing a deal. So, although this is a complex solution, I think it has all the merit and definitely an ROI for your sales team. 

Statutory warning:
 Developers keep away 🙂 This one is all for admins **No code**

The post is divided into two parts:
1. Part one is this very post that talks of the theory on how and what to do
2. Part two is posted here (link to follow) and gives a walkthrough of the working prototype

PART1: Reminder on Salesforce1 for tasks and events (workaround)


To get the reminders for tasks and events on SF1, the simplest solution that comes to my mind is to use PB to post Chatter message and have it notified on SF1. Lets see how that goes.

Make note that we have the following limitations while working:
1. Rule1: If userA mentions @userA ie. himself/herself, chatter will not send a notification to userA; neither as an email nor as a Salesforce1 notification. When we use PB, the chatter is posted by the person who triggered the PB, which means NO notification!
2. Rule2: A user cannot post a chatter message as another user unless he/she logs in as another

But what if you want to post a chatter message using process builder and must @mention yourself, and must get notified!
An idea:
Question on success community:

The specific Use Case:
Task reminders on Salesforce1 mobile app.


1. Some background work: make sure the setting “Enable Activity Reminders” is checked under Activity Settings
2. First attempt: I created a process builder (PB) Scheduled action at ‘ReminderDateTime’ to send chatter notification to user (tried all: user profile or group or @mention user) who created the task —- It didn’t work! Because each time the chatter message posted was by the user who triggered the workflow, who was the same user who created the task. The Rule1 we spoke about ruined it!
2. Second attempt: Using the “Use Email to Post to Chatter Groups” feature. I created a PB email alert that triggers at ‘ReminderDateTime’ to send email to the Chatter Group email. I made sure that the user I was testing with is a member of the group and no other user existed with the same email address as this user I was testing with. —– Again it did not work!! But when I tried to send an email to the chatter group from my email client it worked. Looks like the chatter engine checks for the origin of the email and if the origin is from one of the SF servers (since workflow email alerts use that) it doesn’t create a chatter post!
3. Third attempt: Using the “On Demand Email to Case” feature.
a. I created an on demand email to case address – field ‘Email address’ = user1’s email address and ‘Email Services Address’ was created by salesforce (create similar for user2 and so on…)
b. I created a PB (call it PB1) on task created or edited every time criteria is subsequently met: ReminderDateTime > NOW() and PRIORVALUE(ReminderDateTime) != ReminderDateTime . Scheduled action = email alert that triggers at ‘ReminderDateTime’ to send email from the current user’s email address to ‘Email Services Address’. Body of email = URL of task
c. Created a ‘case origin’ picklist value called ‘Task notification on SF1’
d. Created a case assignment rule that checked:- Case: Case Origin EQUALS ‘Task notification on SF1’ AND Case: Web Email = user1’s email. Assign To: User1 (Created similar assignment rule for user2 and so on…)
e. Most important: To post the chatter message from PB based on the case, the case created by must not be User1. We set that to be SYSTEM by going to ‘Support Settings’ -> ‘Automated Case User’ and set it to ‘System’
f. Create a private chatter group for user1, call it CG1 (similarly for user2 and so on…) **Stay with me on why we did this
f. Created a PB (call it PB2) with entry criteria: case.origin = ‘Task notification on SF1’ AND case.owner = user1; action = post to chatter group CG1 a message that includes @[![Case].OwnerID] and the [Case].subject. We include the ownerID to @mention the user and we include subject to give the link to the task on user1’s SF1 notification
g. User1 must go to Sf1->settings->push notifications-> check mark “someone @mentions you” **Stay with me on why we did this
h. User1 (for android) must go to phone settings->Applications->Salesforce1->Set as default->Go to supported URL-> and select Via this app
i. Finally a flow that PB2 calls that deletes the case we created earlier

**We choose posting to a ‘private chatter group’ and the setting “someone @mentions you” because nothing else worked for me. No other way (except using a public group)could I get a notification on SF1. My idea was to use PB chatter post to user profile and SF1 setting post to user profile – see if that works for you.

And it worked!

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In the next post I will give the detailed walk through with screenshots.
Hope you enjoyed this so far!

Some considerations on Email Limits on SF:
1. If you are using the ‘developer’ edition (like I did) make note of the limit of 15 outbound emails per day
2. Other limits including Email to Case:

PS. My thanks to YoungHoon Kim who raised this question on Success Community and led me to make this happen