January 2017

Caution with CASE statements in a Salesforce formula

The bold statement: CASE formula always calculates all values (including else) even if a condition has already been met. Use case: Create a formula field to calculate the 1st day of next month from closedate (for simplification lets assume all months have... Continue Reading →


Spring 17 Reports & Dashboards Updates in Lightning Experience


In this post, I’m highlighting all the new features introduced into Reports & Dashboards specially for Lightning Experience with Spring 17 release. There are quite a few updates to Lightning though few are old and existing in Classic Salesforce.

  1. Subscribe to Reports: Receive Emails. Limit of Up to 5 Reports.1
  2. Filter Reports via URL Parameters: Use &fv0=Accepted at the end of URL to filter records which are in Accepted status in a report where the first filter (fv0) is the status.  fv stands for filter value. (zero) indicates that it is the first filter in the report.  You can use &fv1, &fv2 for further filters in the reports.  Standard, cross, and row limit filters don’t count when listing filters.2
  3. View Dashboards as Other Users: View dashboard as Me | A Specific User | Logged In User3
  4. Share Dashboard charts in Chatter: Select Enable Dashboard Component Snapshots from the Reports…

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Email scheduled reports only if not empty (and other advanced conditions) Part-1

**Introduction** A common user requirement and indeed a basic one is to send an email of a scheduled report to the users only if the report is NOT empty. To some extend this is now possible using the Salesforce standard... Continue Reading →

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