Finally here: Reminder on Salesforce1 for tasks and events (workaround)

The need to have a task or event reminder on SF1 (just like we get in SF classic) is paramount for your sales team who are on the run and who don't want to miss a┬áchance of getting closer to... Continue Reading →


Ultimate Salesforce Reports: bars with a cumulative line in one report chart

The need to represent data visually using line chart showing cumulative values on top of a bar chart showing discrete values is almost universal. This can be easily verified by the amount of questions on the success community and the... Continue Reading →

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The ultimate Salesforce formula to add business days to a date (part-2)

In the previous post we saw how we can add business days into a date to get a new date. This was posted here. In this post, we will do the same thing but a bit more cleverly. The logic:... Continue Reading →

The ultimate Salesforce formula to add business days to a date (part-1)

Lets says we have a date, call it Just_a_date__c And we have number of business days, call it Number_of_business_days_to_add__c Business day in this context means Monday to Friday (gosh thank god for a 5 days working week for me and... Continue Reading →

HTML email template with inline form submission with Salesforce

Hello there, This use case comes from a question in the success community where the admin wants to send out emails to the contacts with an inline form that they can fill and submit within the email. Assumptions: I have... Continue Reading →

Dynamic visualforce email template based on value of field

Use case: Send different email to a lead based on the lead source. My first impression on what the solution would be: First off, it i pretty simple to create a workflow with number of action equal to number of... Continue Reading →

The curious case of (default) Record Types

Any seasoned administrator has played around with business processes, record types and page layouts. So I bring about this question; a use-case: A user has 2 sales process, thus 2 opportunity record types assigned, lets say RT1 and RT2. While... Continue Reading →

Javascript Remoting – create account record using single sObject, List, Map

Its pretty straight forward to create records using JS remoting. Where it gets tricky is to pass a Map from JS to controller. The following code illustrates how to call a RemoteAction and pass the following: 1. Single sObject (Account)... Continue Reading →

Add days to a date excluding weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday

Requirement: I have one date field called "Billing date" and one Number Field called "Billing Delay". I want to update one Date field "DueDate" which computes "Billing date"+"Billing Delay". While Computation It will Exclude the Saturday and Sunday! Simple solution:

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