Javascript Remoting – create account record using single sObject, List, Map

Its pretty straight forward to create records using JS remoting. Where it gets tricky is to pass a Map from JS to controller. The following code illustrates how to call a RemoteAction and pass the following: 1. Single sObject (Account)... Continue Reading →


Add days to a date excluding weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday

Requirement: I have one date field called "Billing date" and one Number Field called "Billing Delay". I want to update one Date field "DueDate" which computes "Billing date"+"Billing Delay". While Computation It will Exclude the Saturday and Sunday! Simple solution:

Pet project: Create Parent and Child records from visualforce page for ANY Salesforce object

Part0: Introduction Yes, you read it right! "any salesforce object". Read on my dear awesome readers... Recently, I came across a requirement where users wanted a one stop solution to create account and related contacts on one page. Obviously, this... Continue Reading →

Optical Character Recognition – REST API

Hello readers, A while back I was creating an application that had a requirement to let the user take a picture/snap of a¬†GRN (goods receipt note) and present the user with a pre-filled form to confirm that OCR readings before... Continue Reading →

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